100% Free Christmas Draft
Sat 8th December 2018
Congratulations on Hayden winning!

Mark Maney & Dale Miles present a free Christmas event for the Tauranga Community.

Hosted by Gateway Games in Bethlehem town centre.

Photos from the event!

100% Free Christmas Ravnica Draft Event

We're really looking forward for this years free Christmas community event, open to everyone in the area! 

Mark & Dale are putting on a free Ravnica draft event, with free pizza and drinks, booster pack prizes for the top 8 players (including additional boosters for the top 3 players). MTG Promo's (supplied by Gateway Games) You get to keep all the cards you draft!

When & Where?

Saturday 8th December - 11:30am (Sharp start at 12pm)

Hosted by GatewayGames in Bethlehem town centre.

Pre-registration is a must. The event is capped at 16-players.

Pre-registration required and we will be having a waitlist to fill players who can't make it. You will need to arrive by 11:30am to secure your spot, else you may lose it to a player who is on the waitlist. Complete the form below to secure your spot. We'll confirm by text that your registered. We're collecting/verifying phone numbers so that we can contact you directly on the day if you're not arrived by 11:30am - the first person on the waitlist will then be called. Your phone number will NOT be used for any other purposes.

Prize Structure

  • 3x Booster Packs per person on entry (for drafting)
  • Random MTG Promos supplied by Gateway Games
  • 1 Additional Booster pack for 4th - 8th Place
  • check
    3rd Place - Minimum of 3 additional boosters
  • check
    2nd Place - Minimum of 5 additional boosters
  • check
    1st Place - Minimum of 7 additional boosters

Oh, did we mention this was a FREE event?

Event Structure

We'll be splitting players into 2 pods for drafting (for speed). The event will be all players.

Players will then draft the 3 packs and have 45 minutes to build a deck.

There will be 4 rounds. There will be then a short break for food.

There will then be a semi-final, then a final round.

Drafting starts at 12pm sharp.

What do you need to bring?

Yourself, a good attitude and be ready for a fun day!

Land cards (there will be land card available, but recommended to bring your own).

Your DCI number. You can get this from your Local Gaming Store or by logging into your account at Wizards here.

Your dice

We always recommend sleeves.
Gateway Games does have a great range of Dragon Shield sleeves available which can be purchased on the day.

Registration & Players


Player Name






Mark M
Dale M
Jordan B
Miquette V
Zian V
Adam B
Matt M
Nigel Y
Modi Y
Jordan C
Hayden W
Korben H
Ethan P
Ignacio B
Jamie C
Ross H

Matt T
Jordan C
Jamie S
Andrew B

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